You never know what your customer will do

No.1 United Breaks Guitars

In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. He discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged. They didn’t deny the experience occurred but for nine months the various people I communicated with put the responsibility for dealing with the damage on everyone other than themselves and finally said they would do nothing to compensate me for his loss. So he promised the last person to finally say no to compensation (Ms. Irlweg) that I would write and produce three songs about his experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world. This is the first of those songs. The video was upload to YouTube and went viral.

Here is the link to the full story of United Breaks Guitars,  and United Breaks Guitars is now a book.

There is also a website presenting the Incredible Story of United Breaks Guitars: How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service Forever and a case study pack free to download.

No.2 Stanley Steemer Variations

This is a more recent one that a talent performer made a video on a brand and it went viral. A talented performer (Mia)  in New York City has demonstrated her musical dexterity and powerful lungs in a hilarious homage to Stanley Steemer. The video was regarded as Breathtakingly Brilliant Marketing.

At the same time, a few questions were raised:

1. Why on earth did she make this video if she, as Ad Week reported, has no official ties to Stanley Steemer?
2. Where did she acquire all of those outfits?
3. How much time did it take to make this ode?
4. Will she EVER get the Stanley Steemer jingle out of her head?
5. Will we?

For more information, check out Mia’s WordPress blog.


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