IMG_0971Hi everybody. This is Xuecong Qian’s blog. If you can pronounce my name exactly right (yeah sure if your first language is not Chinese), then you definitely know me very well. By the way my English name is Irene. I consider myself an interdisciplinary person who is still wondering what I shall do in the future. Maybe that is because of my major, Advertising, an interdisciplinary major which integrates marketing, communication, public relations, broadcasting, journalism, graphic design and so on. By now, I have taken courses in all those subjects. If you are advertising major, you can have bunch of jobs to choose but possibly not so competitive as those who are in those specific major. I was trying to figure out my talent and my interest. That’s one of the reasons why I came to America as an exchange student. I took courses in different majors, trying to evaluate my competitiveness and ability in a different and wider range. Now it started to make sense. One of my strengths is that I have the ability to learn something though I don’t like it so much and even have a pretty good performance. I learned the law of journalism and mass communication of America when I just came here as a foreigner who are quite unfamiliar with American laws, media and history. As a result, my term paper of that course got an A. I was about to killing myself when I first learned that with my poor vocabulary, a thick textbook, complicated cases and unbelievable load of homework. I have the ability of learning but I don’t have so much creativity in arts. I like analyse topics in quantitative methods and I do pretty good in math. I am taking a math course called Mathematical Application in Business and trying to learn more about business because I have decided to apply a program about business like marketing in graduate school in America. I want to have systematic knowledge in a specific field. I love learning new things and experience various ways of living. I may learn something different when I feel like trying. This is another reason why I want to study abroad.

Love swimming, traveling.
Love light music. Learning piano, ukulele currently.
Tried to learn Korean and Japanese and will continue learning after I had my GRE test.

In this blog, I share:


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